MWX751 PCB Type Terminal Block


間距 Pitch3.50mm
位數 Poles2 ~ 24Poles
塑膠本體 Housing MaterialPA 66
側蓋 CoverPA 66
壓板 LeverPA 66
彈片 SpringStainless Strip Steel
端子 ContactCopper, Tin Plated
電線線徑 Wire Size16 ~ 24AWG
剝線長度Wire Strip Length9mm ~ 10mm
PCB 孔徑 PCB Hole Diameter1.1mm
IEC IEC17.5Amp / AC320V
環境作業溫度 Operating Temperature-40˚C to +105˚C
連接符合標準 Connection in acc. with standard EN-VDE
額定電流 lN Nominal Current lN 17.5A
額定橫截面 Nominal Cross Section 0.2 ~ 1.5mm2
最大負載電流 Maximum load current 17.5A
絕緣材料 Insulating Material PA
阻燃等級,符合 UL94 Inflammability class acc. to UL94 V0
額定電壓,UL/CUL Nominal voltage, UL/CUL 300V
額定電流,UL/CUL Nominal current, UL/CUL 10A