K10 額定電流:10A



Rated Insulation Voltage Ui 額定絕緣電壓 (Ui) 690V
Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage Uimp 額定衝擊耐受電壓 (Uimp) 4KV
Rated Thermal Current Iu/Ith 額定通電電流 (Iu/Ith) 10A
額定使用電流 AC-15 220 V-240 V 2.5A
額定使用電流 AC-15 380 V-440 V 1.5A
Ambient Temperature of Stages open at 100% Iu/Ith 開放空間環境溫度 -25~55℃ during 24 hrs with peaks up to 60℃
Staget temperature (in case of temperature below -5℃ no shock load permissible) 儲存溫度  -40 to 85℃
防護等級 ( option ) IP40~65